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How to turn an old tree trunk into garden furniture

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

This time, an old elm trunk serves as a base for a cool outdoor table. Let's check the steps...

Elm is a slow growing tree and the wood is not very common when it comes to furniture. The solid trunk of Elm used for this amazing diy outdoor dining table was around 150 years old and had grown wild. The rings of the trunk, when sliced through, tell the story of the last century and a half and this is just part of the story of the reclaimed wood dining table.

Its particular knots give the timber character and by turning it into a reclaimed wood dining table or even a rustic farmhouse table this characteristic had to be exposed and exploited. By hand, the bark of the tree stump was removed leaving beautiful pale, bare wood that took on a new life of its own when transformed into diy patio furniture. Thorns that had grown into the wood left their own natural touches to the trunk appearance and the scars on the wood became part of the natural decor.

Taking full advantage of the natural contours, bumps and colouration the elm reclaimed wood dining table soon began to take shape. The top of the trunk was levelled and then sanded to leave a flat surface. Some parts of the diy outdoor table were further sanded to expose colourings just a little deeper in the wood. The final base of the diy outdoor table soon emerged and the once magnificent elm took on a completely new magnificence respecting its age and history.

To complete the table a surface was sought. A circular polished piece of stone was used to create a masterpiece of outdoor furniture. Handmade with absolute attention to detail, paid with every chip of a hammer and touch of sandpaper, both materials complement each other enhancing the natural beauty of one of the rarest woods in the forest. We are glad to share this Tree stump ideas and more tree stump decorating ideas as well as diy outdoor furniture.

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