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kitchen after

In a dynamic society, we have to focus on enjoying the journey rather than the destination. Home is the most important place for us to relax and enjoy our life.   

After three children have grown up, a New York couple decided to renovate their old apartment. Make it special for themselves to have a greater enjoyment for life.

With a focus on amenities and entertainment, now they have their own bathrooms, offices, and den. Social life is one of the most important needs we have. They love having their friends and families over for all social events. So we created that perfect kosher kitchen for extensive cooking with a living room and a dining room that can hold their gatherings. From dining to music recitals, this couple can fulfill all of their home entertainings. 

We balanced the detail while still keeping our eyes on the big picture. We kept some of their favorite furniture pieces and updated them with new finishes to make them all work in the new environment. After the full renovation, the space is inviting and elegant. And, our clients are thrilled. 

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