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Reduced space bathroom tile layout

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Remodeling projects involving tile flooring and making the right selection can be overwhelming. When it comes to choosing a pattern for your hallway, bathroom, or kitchen, budget and personal design preferences are the only limitations. Tile options include shape, color, material, size, and more. Sometimes it helps to look at some inspiration. Check below a project we completed where we faced the limitations of a reduced space bathroom.

This was a small guest bathroom in a townhouse. As a first step, we needed to figure out the best location for shower. Once this major decision was made, we started working on the selection of materials that would fit best. Tile selection helped create a coherent space that blends all of the bathroom elements. This is very important in a reduced-space such as the one in this project.

It is important to note that certain sizes and patterns work better in some areas than others. Small tiles such as mosaics can be used as an insert to draw attention to a singular point. This helps make a smaller room appear larger. It is important to look at all of the design elements together to make the best choice. The mosaic will need to coordinate with the other tiles in the bathroom as well as with the color scheme, linens, and desired finishes

In this particular design, we decided to add some interest to this bathroom by taking the tile layout in a new direction. Even though the style that was chosen was traditional in essence, we combined the different pieces in a more playful way. This helped to make a reduced-space look more interesting and unique. The result: a bathroom with a clean and stunning design.

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